Here are some of the usefull links for your bankruptcy process: 

Credit Report
You are entitled to ONE free credit report every 12 months from EACH of the three reporting bureaus. You can access your free credit report at The only item that is not free is your FICA score. 

Credit Counseling 
There are two (2) bankruptcy classes. One before you file your bankruptcy and one after you file your bankruptcy. 

Before you file for bankruptcy, you will have to take a Credit Counseling Course. I recommend The cost for this class is $36. 

After you file bankruptcy, you will have to complete a Pre-Discharge Debtor Education. I recommend again The cost for this class is $24.


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Si debes dinero y no puedes pagar Vanesa La Elimindadora te puede ayudar. Tiene oficinas en Beaverton, Salem, Vancouver, WA.

Entrevista Vanesa Pancic "La Eliminadora"

Recording her new commercial on 93.1 El Rey


Living the Dream: 
Vanesa Pancic Meier, Yugoslav War Survivor, Has a Passion for Helping Others

By Melody Finnemore

“I’m living the dream,” has become an almost rote and often less-than-enthusiastic response for many Americans when asked how they are doing. Overbooked schedules and seemingly endless responsibilities often add a smirk or an eye roll to the response.

When Vanesa Pancic Meier says it, however, she truly means it. In the nearly 20 years since she and her mother fled Croatia, Pancic Meier has earned a law degree and established her own thriving practice in Portland. She has married and started a family. And she began running marathons to stay in shape, never forgetting that her legs carried her to safety during a violent civil conflict that separated her family for years.

Pancic Meier was born in the former Yugoslavia in 1973, the daughter of a Serbian father and a Croatian mother. When civil war broke out in 1990, and the “ethnic cleansing” of Serbs began, her father vanished into thin air one night.

“My mother refused to divorce my father,” Pancic Meier says, noting that Pancic is the name of a Serbian tree. “My father had to leave overnight so he wouldn’t be executed, and we didn’t know where he was or how he was until 1993.”

They came to learn that he had taken shelter in Montenegro, and the family eventually reconnected through the Red Cross. While her older brother was protected because, as a merchant sailor, he wasn’t in Croatia most of the time, Pancic Meier and her mother were not safe. Read More >